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Starting out is SL can be slightly overwhelming as there are a ton of things to learn and play with! Hopefully, this post will help you have a smooth start and learn about customizing and dressing your newly created avatar.

Thinking back to when I first started, I can’t help but laugh now when I remember the time I thought I’d ruined my avi because I could not get out of a demo shape and skin. I thought my avi looked pretty awesome and that my clothes were simply amazing – that’s until I discovered there’s a whole world in SL dedicated to fashion and making your avi look good (really good!).

Changing your appearance

Before starting, I’d personally advice you go to a quiet changing room area, you’ll avoid the people. A nice place I used to use is Changing Rooms @ Dallows. Click on the link to teleport, find an empty room and get started.

Appearance editor: Tweak your shape until you are happy with it. Follow this simple steps to access the editor

1.- Click on appearance (tee-shirt button on the left hand side panel).

2.- Click the spanner button on the upper right hand side on the new window.

3.- Under Body Parts,  select the shape you are wearing and click on the spanner next to it.

Click to enlarge

To modify your shape, scroll the bar on the different areas of the body that you want to edit:

Click to enlarge

Getting dressed

1.- Click on inventory (suitcase button on the left hand side panel).

Here you can change clothes and avatars. At this stage your inventory is pretty basic (and empty!) but do not worry later on this tutorial I’ll tell you how to start expanding it!

2.- Open “My Library” folder.

3.- Open “Clothing” folder.

4.- Double click item you want to wear.

Click to enlarge

So, now you know how to modify AND dress yourself I’ll tell you how to start expanding your inventory with loads of new lovely things!

There are many SL bloggers, including yours truly, that post items that are either free (hunt prizes, group gifts, etc.) or cheap, and given the massive amounts of shops in SL, reading these blogs is an incredibly useful resource for everyone. Considering you are a brand spankin’ new resident, free items are probably what you’ll be searching for first. Buying Linden Dollars is not essential in SL, but it will definitely enable you to customize yourself even further and obtain items that are, well, not free! Anyway, I digress, let’s start with shops that offer freebies.

Final thing, to open boxes drag them to the floor right click on the box and select “open”. Copy items to inventory and you’ll the find the folder on your inventory.

Shopping in SL

Freebies and gifts for residents 

Click on link and teleport in-world

Seraphim HQ**                                                  Mother Goose’s (Lucky Board)                     Apple May Designs                                         Free Dove

Duh!                                                                        Fab Free HQ**                                                      Sn@tch*                                                                Coco Designs**

*= Available only for residents less than 30 days old

**= Group Gifts (Groups are free to join)

Must-read freebie blogs

myslfree                                                                  noirilicious                                                             Free*Style                                                            Fab Free

Must-read fashion feeds (for when you’re ready to spend some Lindens!)

Style Academy                                                     iheartsl                                                                      Glamour SL Feed                                             Virtual Fashion Feed

That’s it for now, I hope this has helped you!

♥ Ade

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