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Pretty in Pink

30 Oct

My love of nails in sl is something fierce or a force to be reckoned with. Always looking for the prettiest,wildest or most well made. So I’m sure you can understand my excitement when I walked into this shop one day and completely fell in cat claw love.

Nail palette HUD(english and japanese)
Nail base glove(modifable)
reset HUD(for fix of nail position )
notecard(how to wear prim nails beautifully.)
posing stand

Nails: [FEMALE  [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 1/Super Long] (male version in store as well) here

Bracelet: U&R Dogs here

Mouth Jewelry: [ni.Ju] Simple version 2 $0L here

Pose Prop: Glitterati Poses Bathtub $0L here


For the Love of Gold & Lag Free Shopping…

22 Oct

I love to shop in world but some days lag kicks my butt so here are a few goodies I found searching the marketplace.

In tribute to my favorite model diva Amber Rose here.

Once I have my Diva on, what better to wear with gold then Leopard!

Hair Base: Deetalez-Hair Shaved No Blonde Tattoo  here

Sunglasses: RYCA-SUNGLASS-BV Gold/Black  here

Choker: RYCA-NECKLACE JN GOLD (chest) here 

Nails w/ Jewelry: [MANDALA]MILKY WAY RINGs & NAILS/sun gold $97L here

Bra & Panties: [ Attitudes ] Autumn 2010 free leopard sets $1L here

Sculpted Tongue: -RC- Twisted Tongue – Curled up & Right  here

Note: All of these links will send you to the marketplace except for the Amber Rose link.