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29 Apr.’12

29 Apr


♥ Skin: Rozena – Laurie (Tea). Store Gift @ new LM here – Out only for a couple of days so hurry!

♥ Eyes: Handmade – Heather eyes (Grey)

♥ Eyelashes: Sorry Asia – Lashes (3)

♥ Hair: [e] – Breeze (Brown 04)

♥ Tee: PRISS – Flowered Tank (Brown)

♥ Jacket: Gato – Pike Jacket. L$40 @ Gato Outlet

♥ Skirt: Echo – Espressivo Leather Skirt (Short). L$1 Appreciation sale. Random vendors around the store have items marked L$1, L$10, L$25  and L$50. You can’t miss it! Have a look here

♥ Necklace: Caroline’s Jewely – Owl Necklace

♥ Bag: Duh! – Minibag (Brown)

♥ Pose: Marukin

11 Apr.’12

11 Apr

♥ Skin: Mother Goose’s – Nadine. L$1 here

♥ Eyes: Handmade – Heather eyes (blue). Subscribo Gift available here

♥ Eyeliner: Acid & Mala – Black Eyeliner (Gentle Fume). Black Market item

♥ Hair: [e] – Say (Blonde 03)

♥ Headband: u.f.o – Lovey Dovey (Umma). (April Collabor88 Collection)

♥ Necklace: PurpleMoon – Margo Necklace

♥ Jacket: GATO – Pike Jacket. @ Gato Outlet

♥ Tee/Skirt/Tights: Nylon Outfitters – Ahoy Frenchie (April Collabor88 Collection)

♥ Pose: marukin (April Collabor88 Collection)

March 02’12

2 Mar

A couple of finds to show you guys!

About the Womenstuff Hunt: It ends tomorrow! For a complete list of prizes look here and for hints look here

♥ Hair: [e] – Something

♥ Skin: Grixdale – Teagan

♥ Lipstick: Sorry.Asia – Nahm Nahm (Cocoa)

Dress: Nectar! – Mesh Tube Dress Roses (Amber). Womenstuff Hunt Gift

♥ Bangles: Ticky Tacky – Norwegian Wood Bangles

♥ Pose: Glitterati

♥ Hair: LaVie – Totally Gaga Bob. Womenstuff Hunt Gift

♥ Skin: Grixdale – Teagan

♥ Lipstick: Sorry.Asia – Nahm Nahm (Red)

Bodysuit:  LaVie – Totally Gaga Bodysuit. Womenstuff Hunt Gift

Cadigan: C’est la Vie – Border Knit Cardigan (Candy). Womenstuff Hunt Gift

♥ Necklace: Malt Fashions – Loveable Necklace

Shorts: The Sea Hole – All Sculpted Tweed Shorts (Navy). L$50 – MiniVan Rides the Lightning week! Until March 6th one of EVERYTHING in the store will be just $L50! Brave the lightning here!

♥ Shoes: N-Core – Coquette Platform (Pink). Womenstuff Hunt Gift

♥ Pose: Marukin


22 Feb

♥ Skin: Moother Goose’s – SooMi. Check previous post here

♥ Hair: [e] – Vivid (Brown 04)

Bolero: C’est la Vie – Fur Bolero (Black). Group Gift. Get yours here!

♥ Turtleneck: COCO – Turtleneck Sweater (Black)

♥ Pants: Sassy! – Leather Leggins (Black)

♥ Boots: DECO – Madison Boots (Cherry)

Sounds Gravis Beach 4th Year Anniversary

22 Feb

Hi lovelies,

S.G.B is 4 years old and they are celebrating with loads of goodies! Discounted items and gifts are up for grabs – so hurry it only lasts until 29th of Feb.

Join the celebration here

For both outfits:

Hair: [e] – With (Blonde 02)

Skin: Mother Goose’s – SooMi. S.G.B. Anniversary gift

Neckwarmer: C’est la vie – Crochet Neckwarmer (Mint). S.G.B. Anniversary gift

♥ Dress: pesca – Yosoiki One Piece (Green). S.G.B. Anniversary gift

♥ Shoes: [Roly-Poly] – Josephine (Teal Green). S.G.B. Anniversary gift

♥ Tee: Meow – SGB Mesh Tee. L$10 S.G.B. Anniversary gift. (For some reason it looks blurry… look further down to see how it actually looks like!)

♥ Bangles: Your Shape – Wooden Brancelets

♥ Pants: Nerd:P – Roll-up Pants (Green). $L1 S.G.B. Anniversary offer

♥ Shoes: FIR & MNA – The Burren Boots (Brown Suede)

Actual Meow tee:

Feb. 03’12 (III)

3 Feb

Final one for today!

♥ Skin: Al Vulo – Corinna Love Motion (Porcelain). Group Gift, get yours here.

♥ Hair: [e] – Say (Black 02)

♥ Eyes: Roly Poly – Natural Eyes (Black – M)

♥ Earrings: Primalot – Frostling Ear Studs. Group Gift, get yours here.

Mushroom Hunting (Nov. 1st – 20th)

5 Nov

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the prizes available for Mushroom Hunting.

For more info on the hunt and a complete list of participating stores click here or to TP to the starting point click here

Poses: (marukin)

Happy hunting! ♥

♥ Skin: Fallin’ Dolls – Lolita. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Hair: [e] – Vivid (Brown)

♥ Scarf: Sweet Leonard – Autumn Scarf. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Top: Kyoot – Laced Autumn Crop Top (Golden)

♥ Shirt: Sticky Fingers – My Autumn Leaves Cardigan. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Jeans: [Bubble] – Fall Skinny Ripped Pants. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Belt: *COCO* – Slim Jeans Belt (Brown)

♥ Skin: Divine – Adriana Skin. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Hair: [e] – Breeze (Blonde)

♥ Top: Retro – Mushroom Hunt Top. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Necklace: EY.NO – Mushroom Necklace Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Bangles: !DPD [sweet.little.blangles] (Tropic)

♥ Jeans: Urban Republic Co. Mushroom Hunt Jeans Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Skin: Al vulo – Chen (Waterdriad). Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Hair: [e] – Say (Brown)

♥ Undies: Blah. – My Sweet Lingerie (Nutty). Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Shoes: haut.monde – Gossip Heels (Russet)

♥ Skin: Mother Gooses’ – Madison II

♥ Hair: INK – Emo (Brown A)

♥ Tee: Belote – My Winter Top. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Poncho: Censored – Poncho 2. Mushroom Hunting Prize

♥ Jeans: !DPD – The Jeans (FadeToGrey)

♥ Boots: DECO – Mesh Madison Boots (Cherry)

LaVaNdA presents “The Secret Room”

30 Oct

LaVaNdA has organised a small hunt for Halloween only for group members (free to join). The aim of the hunt is to search around for shopping bags that contain an object – wear this object to find out if you have found that one that holds the landmark to “The Secret Room”. There are 15 bags in total (but only 1 winner!)

The hunt will run from Oct. 28 to Nov. 2 – start here!

This is what you’ll be looking for:

Here are a couple of the gifts together with other gifts I’ve found during the weekend, hope you like ’em!

Ade x

♥ Skin: Mother Goose’s – Madison II ($L0 – Lavanda Halloween Event)

♥ Hair: [e] – Garden (Brown)

♥ Glasses: Adjunct – Superstar Sunglasses

♥ Scarf: couverture: A/W Skirt – Group gift (join -free- and pick it up here)

♥ Blouse: Pig – Potato Shirt (for Collabor88)

♥ Sweater: Nanan – Natural sweater ($L0 – Lavanda Halloween Event)

♥ Skirt: couverture – Neck warmer (green) – Group gift (current)

NEW SHOP! PaperBag.

29 Oct

Kex Blackheart is pulling out style from her little paperbag! I’m loving this new shop and its tribal inspired items, the colours and detail are just beautiful.

Check out some of PaperBags.’s items and stop by to have a look at the rest here, there’s even a goodie bag waiting at reception for group members only (free to join).


♥ Skin: ::Exodi:: – Lily “La Muera”

♥ Hair: !SyDS – Elle – Lucky Board prize. Try your luck here

♥ Top: PaperBag. – Tribal Chic Bustier

♥ Jeans: PaperBag. – Dark 2

♥ Shoes: *COCO* – Espadrille Wedge (Denim)

♥ Skin: ::Exodi:: – Lily “La Muera”

♥ Hair: [e] – With (Black) – Elikatira is having a 70% OFF sale in ALL hairs – Hurry only until 31 Oct.[e] mainstore

♥ Top: PaperBag. – Animal Crop 1

♥ Skin: ::Exodi:: – Lily “La Muera”

♥ Hair: [e] – Vivid (Red)

♥ Top: PaperBag. – Fall Sweater (Purple)

♥ Jeans: PaperBag. – The Prissy Skinny Brite

Collabor88 & Croire

21 Oct

This round of Collabor88 is full of amazing stuff! I picked up hair from [e]  BUT the outfit below is from the hunt courtesy of The Sea Hole for Collabor88 Group Members (free to join). Find 12 candies to complete 2 fatpacks (Odette Bustier & Cullotes) they are gorgeous ♥

Start hunting here!

On another note, there’s a lovely suscrib-o gift available from [criore] – a bitten lip gloss set. Subscribe here

♥ Hair: [e] – fight – Collabor88 item

♥ Skin: LaQ – Olivia

♥ Bustier: The Sea Hole – Odette Bustier (Rosey Real) Collabor88 hunt 

♥ Culottes: The Sea Hole – Odette Culottes (Chestnut) Collabor88 hunt 

♥ Shoes: R2 – Mana (nude)

♥ Pose: ++Desire++

Here is the picture of the 2 fatpacks up for grabs!

♥ Lips: [criore] – Bitten lip gloss (candy)